Marie Stella Maris

Hand soap Objets d'Amsterdam 250 ml


The iconic liquid Hand soap No.12 Objets d'Amsterdam 250 ml with aloe vera. The hand soap gently cleanses and keeps skin moisturised. The scent of the Hand & Body Wash Objets d'Amsterdam 250 ml has a subtle pungent and sparkling character.

Made with natural ingredients such as coco-glucoside and natural glycerin, this Hand Soap will leave your hands feeling soft, clean and comfortable. The hand soap has a sparkling scent consisting of green tea, sage and citrus notes. Save on this product and the environment by using our convenient refill pack. The Hand soap comes in a glass bottle with a pressure pump. 

Marie Stella Maris uses as many natural ingredients as possible, up to 100%. All care products are free of parabens, silicones and artificial colours. Besides sourcing ingredients responsibly, they strive for sustainable packaging and being able to refill all products. The focus now is mainly on refilling, as a strategy to reduce waste. They also want to commit to clean, drinkable water for everyone. Therefore, 5% of all turnover is donated to sustainable water projects.

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