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About Babù

I'm Bénédicte. Since I was a little kid I've been into beautiful and unique things, things with a story, made of an exceptional material or with a special texture. I am a mother of 3 boys, married and work as a photographer. A few years ago I decided to leave my career in finance. I went back to school to study interior design.

Bénédicte Van Geluwe

And so Babù Antwerp was born out of my love of interiors, architecture, travel, photography and interesting materials. Interior design is so much more than just putting pretty things on display. It is a way of reflecting your personality in your home. Moreover, that's what makes your house a home, a warm place where you can be yourself.

At Babù Antwerp, we select from worldwide collections the pieces that are handmade, have an appealing colour or texture or are simply unique. The story of family businesses and the search is really part of our identity. We want to offer you an assortment where you can experience that warm, minimalist atmosphere at home. Items from nearby but also from exotic places that make you dream. For us, craftsmanship and the sustainable nature of the production process is also a very important factor in the search for our collection and our partners.

Wander around in our treasure chamber and we hope you'll be amazed to find that piece which gives your interior its own stamp.

Love Bénédicte