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Let there be light! Showpieces in floor or table lamps and cosy candlelight, a collection that brings light to your home. 

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Torch XLTorch XL
Torch XL Sale price€7,90

9 colors available

Save 41%Dinner candle Twins - 29 cmDinner candle Twins - 29 cm
Dinner candle Twins - 29 cm Sale price€2,20 Regular price€3,70

4 colors available

Save 31%Dinner candle Twist - 29 cmDinner candle Twist - 29 cm
Dinner candle Twist - 29 cm Sale price€4,50 Regular price€6,50

6 colors available

Save 34%Dinner candle Slim Swirl - 30 cm - set of 2Dinner candle Slim Swirl - 30 cm - set of 2
Dinner candle Slim Swirl - 30 cm - set of 2 Sale price€2,99 Regular price€4,50

5 colors available

Lamp alabaster SLamp alabaster S
Lamp alabaster S Sale price€255,00
Save 47%Dinner candle Cross - set of 4Dinner candle Cross - set of 4
Dinner candle Cross - set of 4 Sale price€8,50 Regular price€15,95

3 colors available

Candle Rustic WhiteCandle Rustic White
Candle Rustic White Sale priceFrom €4,50
Diner candle 2,1 cm IvoryDiner candle 2,1 cm Ivory
Diner candle 2,1 cm Ivory Sale price€1,45
Rustic Candle BlackRustic Candle Black
Rustic Candle Black Sale price€16,10
Dinner candle 2,1 cm BlackDinner candle 2,1 cm Black
Dinner candle 2,1 cm Black Sale price€1,45
Save 32%Dinner candle - 18 cm
Dinner candle - 18 cm Sale price€1,15 Regular price€1,70

1 color available

Save 31%Dinner candle Twin - 19 cm
Dinner candle Twin - 19 cm Sale price€1,99 Regular price€2,90

1 color available

Pela table lampPela table lamp
Pela table lamp Sale price€39,90
Capella portable lampCapella portable lamp
Capella portable lamp Sale price€13,90
Gift package diner candles blackGift package diner candles black
Tablet Nelly anti-mosquitoTablet Nelly anti-mosquito
Tablet Nelly anti-mosquito Sale price€12,90
Lewis outdoor candles whiteLewis outdoor candles white
Lewis outdoor candles white Sale priceFrom €55,00
Save 30%Outdoor candleOutdoor candle
Outdoor candle Sale price€8,75 Regular price€12,50

3 colors available

Romé table lamp - Alex GabrielsRomé table lamp - Alex Gabriels
Black table lamp Marie MichielsenBlack table lamp Marie Michielsen
Red table lamp Marie MichielsenRed table lamp Marie Michielsen
Save 21%Slug scented candle greenSlug scented candle green
Slug scented candle green Sale price€35,50 Regular price€45,00
Save 29%Candle High gloss - 15 cmCandle High gloss - 15 cm
Candle High gloss - 15 cm Sale price€4,90 Regular price€6,90

1 color available

Lamp alabaster-oak S rechargeableLamp alabaster-oak S rechargeable
Sold outLamp alabaster-oak LLamp alabaster-oak L
Lamp alabaster-oak L Sale price€325,00
Sold outTable lamp Le DeuxTable lamp Le Deux
Table lamp Le Deux Sale price€221,00
Save 17%Rosie scented candleRosie scented candle
Rosie scented candle Sale price€45,90 Regular price€55,00
Rustic Candle CamelRustic Candle Camel
Rustic Candle Camel Sale price€6,90
Rustic Candle SkinRustic Candle Skin
Rustic Candle Skin Sale price€15,90
Pencil candles LinnenPencil candles Linnen
Pencil candles Linnen Sale price€6,90
Dinner candle 2,1 cm Glossy CaramelDinner candle 2,1 cm Glossy Caramel
Save 40%Dinner candles Eco-friendly - 19 cmDinner candles Eco-friendly - 19 cm
Dinner candles Eco-friendly - 19 cm Sale priceFrom €5,90 Regular price€9,90

3 colors available

Save 30%Outdoor candle - Linen
Outdoor candle - Linen Sale price€8,30 Regular price€11,90
Table lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - MTable lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - M
Sergio table lamp - creamSergio table lamp - cream
Sergio table lamp - cream Sale price€115,00
Sold outTable lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - STable lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - S
Table lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - LTable lamp Céline - Anita Legrelle - L
Lamp alabaster LLamp alabaster L
Lamp alabaster L Sale price€325,00
Scented candle Lemon VerbenaScented candle Lemon Verbena
Scented candle Lemon Verbena Sale price€26,90
Scented candle Fig scentScented candle Fig scent
Scented candle Fig scent Sale price€26,90
Scented candle Small Fig scent
Scented candle Rock Roses 220 gr.Scented candle Rock Roses 220 gr.
The scented candle Objets d'Amsterdam 220 gr.The scented candle Objets d'Amsterdam 220 gr.
Table lamp IsabelleTable lamp Isabelle
Table lamp Isabelle Sale price€339,00
Table lamp Seam - by Seppe Van HeusdenTable lamp Seam - by Seppe Van Heusden
Table lamp Paulina - beigeTable lamp Paulina - beige
Table lamp Paulina - beige Sale price€415,00
Dinner candles Twins  warm grey glitter - 35 cmDinner candles Twins  warm grey glitter - 35 cm

1 color available

Table lamp CathyTable lamp Cathy
Table lamp Cathy Sale price€219,00